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Our Web site is based on the vision of Dr. Arthur Beau White. was conceived of by Dr. White, a life-long passionate advocate for the health needs of the African-American community. First and foremost, is conceived as a means to use the information and communication revolution of the internet to serve the health needs of the community. The tangible results are the features which distinguish other health oriented sites, such as its public policy advocacy, and content depth and coverage.

With better information and communications, we believe that African-Americans can achieve a better understanding of their medical conditions and treatment options.

Our online health network consists of affiliate relationships with online portals, other Web sites, local health organizations and traditional media outlets. is a culturally oriented and ethnically focused comprehensive internet-based health and medical information provider dedicated to addressing the special health problems of African-Americans.

Chronic diseases affect ethnic and racial minority U.S. citizens disproportionately to majority citizens. Further, there are special barriers to health care throughout the United States for these same citizens. presents information about these chronic conditions in a straight foward manner, and in layman's terms, that can be understood by patients and students.

All of the information is based on peer-reviewed, published research results that is updated every 30 days from peer-reviewed medical journals on the major diseases and disorders that disproportionately impact on the daily lives of African-Americans. Further, all of the information is obtained from research conducted on and about African-Americans, much of which is conducted by Pan-African scientists. LLC

is located in Kensington, Maryland.

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