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Sickle Cell Anemia   Sickle Cell Anemia   Community Based Health Programs   Community Based Health Programs   Healthy Lifestyles   Healthy Lifestyles is a culturally oriented and ethnically focused comprehensive internet-based health and medical information provider dedicated to addressing the special health problems of African-Americans. The state of health for African-Americans is especially precarious. Chronic disease has an excessive impact on minority populations. Consider these facts:

  • The prevalence of diabetes among African Americans is about 70% higher than among white Americans.
  • Infant mortality rates are twice as high for African Americans as for white Americans.
  • The 5-year survival rate for cancer among African Americans diagnosed for 1986-1992 was about 44%, compared with 59% for white Americans. is dedicated to using the power to the internet and telecommunications revolution to help the African-American community address this staggering problem.

Community Issues

In our Community Issues section we document and discuss the staggering losses due to the affliction of chronic disease among the African-American community. Programs to address the excessive differential in the health status of the African-American community with that of other ethnicities is referred to as 'closing-the-gap'. We highlight the neglected innovative community-based programs of our community attempting to address this problem.

Disease Center

Our Disease Center contain up-to-date information on 7 of the major chronic diseases that afflict African-America. Our approach to presenting this information is straight forward, and in lay-man's terms that can be understood by patients and students. For each disease we provide sections covering its description, epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis and evaluation, treatment, contraindications, clinical trials, case management, references, and end stage disease.

Presently we provide extensive coverage for the following chronic diseases:

Healthy LifeStyle Information

Many of the common ailments can be treated or prevented if you follow basic rules for living a healthy lifestyle. We have a library of online healthy lifestyle resources for African-Americans.

Community Resources

Do you know what healthcare resources are available in your community? will become your central reference for community based health programs that will help you prevent and manage your families health issues.

The Future of BlackHealthCare

Check back at as we continue to extend and expand our site with information and services relevant to the health of African-Americans.

In the near future will expand its services to include:

  • Expanding coverage of perinatal, cancer and other chronic diseases
  • Expanding coverage of community healthcare resources
  • Healthy lifestlye and prevention information
  • Patient compliance tools to help you adhere to medical treatment
  • Closing-the-gap online discussion groups
  • Consumer healthcare information for African-Americans
  • Offerings of traditional African herbal health remedies
  • Special membership services and medical discounts

Contact Us

We would be pleased to hear from you with your feedback, comment, complaints, or suggestions. To contact us, send Email to:

Dr. Beau White

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